Retrieve Venice serial numbers

Robert Leong -

There are a number of serial numbers of a Venice system; System serial number and Atomix card serial numbers.

From the Venice server (not a remote Venice client) use one or more of the following methods to retrieve the desired number.

System Serial Number:

1. Visually - look at the serial number tag located on the rear or the side towards the rear,  this is the system serial number.

2. From Linux command line:

Open a terminal session, the default factory command line prompt shows the system serial number (146120058 as shown below), if the host name had been changed by the user the system serial number might not be available here.

[root@venice-146120058 Desktop]#

Atomix card serial numbers: 

From the DVS Control Panel GUI interface:

Start the DVS Control Panel via Applications > Sound & Video > DVS Control Panel.

Expand the Board ID field (upper left) by clicking on the down arrow to expand and show all the card serial numbers.





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