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Spycer dongle license / floating license is no longer supported.

 How to install and configure dongle (hardware) based Spycer licenses for use with any Spycer dependent products such as Venice, Venice View, Spycer, etc....

The dongle is a USB compatible device and will require a USB port on the Spycer License Server. 

Spycer License Server setup:
(example here uses Windows but Linux and MacOS can be used also):

Select a computer to be the Spycer License Server, a Spycer client can also be a Spycer License Server.  If not already installed, install Spycer, during installation ensure the CodeMeter option is checked, install the dongle.   Spycer and CodeMeter are already installed on Venices, SpycerBoxs and other turn key systems. 

This Spycer License Server should be a computer that will be left on and connected at all times, as this server must be operational for Spycer clients to reference.  See additional notes at bottom of this article.

After installation, start Spycer, then enable the Spycer License Server Option: Tools > License Management > Dongle license Server... > Enable license server.  (if dongle is not installed and detected, this option will not be available).

Select the IP address for the Spycer-net.  Spycer server and all Spycer applications must be on the same subnet, to set the Spycer-net do this:
Option > Config > General.  Select the IP for that computer from the drop down menu.  You MUST also click on Apply Network Setting.

Start the CodeMeter Control Center application, it should list the dongle installed.  The CmStick field should contain the serial number of the dongle.


Click on the WebAdmin to start the browser based CodeMeter WebAdmin. 

Check the box  "Run Network Server" (Configuration > Network) and Apply.


You should not have to do this part, but if not working try going back on the CodeMeter Control Center, Stop and Start the CodeMeter Service (Process > Stop..., then Start...)

You might need to disable or update Firewall to allow CodeMeter Runtime Server to get through.  On Windows 7 > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall > codeMeter Runtime Server.  Enable Home/Work (Private).

Spycer License Server should be operational now.  Continue on to the Spycer client section to setup the clients.

Spycer License Server status (show dongle configuration and usage info):

On CodeMeter WebAdmin, click on the Server tab to show the available licenses and usage status.  Additional info such as expiration date, etc can be found at: Content > Licenses.

Available licenses and usage status: Server > Cluster
Shown here are 2 used of 30.



License expiration and other info: Content > Licenses
Shown here expires 2013-10-30.



Client license usage info: Server > User
Note the Client IP addresses to identify the exact client.



Spycer Clients:

Make sure to install CodeMeter when installing Spycer, depending on the OS it might be the same package as Spycer or it might be a separate install package.

Select the IP address for the Spycer-net, see server section above for instructions.

Spycer will pickup the server license automatically, as long as the Spycer License Server and Spycer clients are on the same subnet, no additional configuration is required to "point to" the license server.

Here is an example of what you should see from the About page.


Spycer Clients (Windows):

Install Spycer, enable install CodeMeter option during install.  Launch Spycer after install, configure the IP address in Options > Config... > General.

Confirm Dongle licensing via Help > About. You should see this in the Module versions area: License: CodeMeterDongle (network), the Serial number should match the dongle serial number.

Spycer Clients (Mac):

Install the CodeMeter package and the Spycer package.  Launch Spycer after install, configure the IP address in Spycer > Preferences > General.

Confirm Dongle licensing via Spycer > About Spycer. You should see this in the Module versions area: License: CodeMeterDongle (network), the Serial number should match the dongle serial number.

Spycer Clients (Linux):

rpm install the codemeter package (have to get separately) and also rpm install the Spycer package. Set IP and confirm as the other OS.

Additional Notes:

1.  For redundant setup, multiple Spycer License Server is required and each having it's own dongle.

2.  Spycer validates the licenses during start of the application and on every hour.  If the license is not available Spycer will work in Basic mode until the license server is back online and the next validation process or when Spycer is restarted.


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