LTO and Spycer 2.9 FAQ / Notes

Robert Leong -

We now support both LTO 5 backups via LTFS and incremental backups.  Download and read the release note.


1.  What sort of drives are supported. IBM, Quantum, etc…?

Quantum LTO single drive connected via SAS (SAS HBA and cable is included) 

2.  What Spycer boxes are compatible with the 2.9 software?

Ultra Rev 2 and Flex 

3.  Does the offload to LTO do a MD5 checksum or other verification process?

Currently not 

4.  Is there any cataloging process to go along with it? So I can ask Spycer, what tape a certain file is on and it will tell me?

Not yet, but this is planned in two steps: Frist step in December following step in March. (and will be a charegable option) 

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