LTO on Spycer

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Hello Robert,

these are my notes.

LTO-5 usage:
Format new tape with LTFS (tape not mounted yet):
mkltfs -d /dev/st0

Force reformat of existing LTFS volume:
mkltfs -f -d /dev/st0

Mount tape:

the first time: mkdir /media/tape1
ltfs /media/tape1

Only one process at the same time! Start only one write/read process.
Otherwise the tape drive behaves very slow.

=C2=A0Eject tape:

1. umount /media/tape1

The umount command will return immediately, but the drive may still be busy
writing cached data to tape.=20
Do not attempt to remove the tape cartridge until all tape activity has

Check the front panel LEDs and wait for them to stop flashing.=20

2. =E2=80=9Eltfs =E2=80=93o eject=E2=80=9C or press eject button=20


installation guide (firmware update not needed with new LSI cards)

You can use Spycer version 3.x to enable "autoformat new tapes".

with kind regards

Daniel Herda
Service Department

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