VNC to screen 0

Robert Leong -

Normal VNC does not get you the actual screen where the physical monitor is connected, it opens a virtual screen, so you at remote are not seeing the screen the customer is looking at.

x11vnc is needed to accomplish the above.

VNC to screen 0:

On Venice/SBU (RedHat RHEL 5.3), download and install x11vnc.  
Should be on Jake/support/robert.

CLI is: x11vnc -forever

To autostart in RedHat 5, put "x11vnc -forever" in the Startup Programs list.  It is located at System > Preferences > More Preferences > Sessions. BUT!  The local screen must 1st login for this to start!

On the VNC client: use screen 3 or something close to it: vncviewer
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