General System Logs (dvsutil_getconfig)

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System logs for the RHEL based systems can be found at /var/log/messages.  Depending on the period of time a problem is occurring you may need to gather more than just the most recent logs.  You should find additional logs with either a sequence or time stamp on the end of the file (ex: /var/log/messages-20130830 or /var/log/messages.1)

StorNext also has a utility for gathering StorNext logs called cvgather.  This also collects some system info.

To gather the most info use the DVS command line utility dvsutil_getconfig  (note: some systems use an alternate dvsutil_getconfig-sb or dvsutil_getconfig-mds so please use "tab command-line completion" or navigate to /usr/local/bin/ to find the correct version for your system.)

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