Creating FreeDOS USB boot stick for BIOS flashing

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How to use

All following content is provided for the use with Microsoft Windows. If you're using any other operating system i'm sure, you know how to handle the problem, without needing my tiny ZIP file *g*.

Make sure you're working as administator and assume X: is the usb sticks drive letter

Delete all partitions on your stick
Create one primary partition and mark it as active
Format that partition using FAT32
syslinux\syslinux.exe -fma X:
xcopy usb-root\* X:\ /E/H/I
copy your flash tool and flash binary into the flash\ folder
press [Enter] at syslinux boot: prompt
double press [Enter] while your asked to change date and time
your done! have fun!

Download 1,53 MiB


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