GNU Screen commands

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Here is a link to a cheat sheet for Screen:

Something it doesn't talk about is multiuser mode. If two (or more) users would like to be a part of the same session, meaning, what one types the other can see, etc. The command to attach to an in use screen is: "screen -x" or "screen -rx" for reatach multi-usermode.
Another not listed one is logging. There are two different types of logging, one is called "hardcopy" (ctr+a h) which is everything you can currently see, the other is a window log (ctr+a H). Hardcopy writes a text file and is done, the window log will log until you close the window or type the command again (ctr+a H). The window log is written to the current working directory outside of screen (if you launched screen from your home dir then thats where the file will be) and is called screenlog.0 for window 0 and screenlog.1 for window 1, etc.

That is it. Getting to know the "copy mode" for scroll back (ctr+a ESC) and navigation are the most useful for me.

Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions.

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