Create an EXT2 FS in Linux via GUI Disk Utility (CentOs 6.3 64bit)

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Create an EXT2 FS in Linux (CentOs 6.3 64bit)

1. Open the Disk utility (Applications > System tools > Disk Utility)

2. Select the correct drive you want to format


3. Once selected, click on Format Drive


4. Choose if you want the drive to be a MBR or GUID drive (select MBR if unsure)


5. System will verify if you want to do this. ***You WILL lose ANY data that is on this drive! Please double check that you have selected the correct drive to format***


6. Once the drive is formatted, you will need to partition it. Most of the time for DCP / DCI drives, you will be delivering in ext2, with just a single partition on the drive.  Click on Create Partition.


7. Set the partition type to ext2, and pick a name for the disk. Then click Create.


8. Now Mount the newly setup drive. Once Mount is clicked, it usually shows up with an icon on the Desktop.


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