Save Venice logs in date range

Robert Leong -

To gather log files from a VENICE server:

Gather all logs recorded later than 2016-08-31
(data from the 08/31 will not be exported!)

Copy and paste this command, execute as root user.

But I think the LinkedIn systems do not have internal storage, so I am going to store it on the Desktop of venice user.

1.) Open Terminal

2.) Switch to root user type "su" and enter.

3.) Enter password

4.) zip /home/venice/Desktop/logs_$(date +%F).zip $(find /home/venice/.DVS/ -type f -newermt 2016-08-31 ! -newermt $(date +%F))

(Modify the storage location and date!)

Single zip file named should be on venice user Desktop. (logs_<current date>.zip)

Gather logs recorded after 2016-08-31 till 2016-09-01:

4.) zip /home/venice/Desktop/logs_$(date +%F).zip $(find /home/venice/.DVS/ -type f -newermt 2016-08-31 ! -newermt 2016-09-01)

(Modify the storage location and dates!)

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