Clipster IMF ONLY Version 6.0.x.x

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Clipster IMF ONLY Version 6.0

Version 6.x software updates are compatible with "Clipster IMF ONLY" generation 6 hardware. 

To identify your Clipster generation, the system serial number starting with 173 are IMF only Generation 6.

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Clipster_IMF_6.0.0.10_build [376 MB]

Release Notes: Clipster IMF [209 KB]


Change Log:

Version "Clipster IMF"

- Digilab2 
- Hydra 3: (only for CLIPSTER 6)


Please note, that the Digilab2 update needs to be done in two steps with 
an intermediate cold reboot of the system!

1. Execute digilab2up_2.6.9.2_sdi3gfix_2xboot.exe from a command line, 
This step will update the video board firmware. 
2. Cold reboot the system. 
3. Repeat step 1, to update the SDI module firmware

See Release Note for more information including improvements/fixes.

Fixed issues:

- Driver: Fixed driver dma timeout due to not started dma. ZD #24242 
- Driver: Fixed memory management problem for subtitle buffers. ZD #24048, ZD #23997 
- Driver: Fixed pulldown playout and pulldown finalize if source material is JPEG2000. DVS #2072857, DVS #2073713 
- Driver: Implemented a workaround for an embedded audio problem with D5 
VTRs being unable to ingest our SDI output. ZD #23823, ZD #24143 
- Firmware: Updated recommended Hydra3 firmware version to Fixes J2K encoding artefacts. FS #14984, DVS #2073503, ZD #23963, ZD #23521 
- Firmware: Updated recommended Digilab2 firmware version to 
- Enables AES/EBU audio, analog audio output and LTC, corrects embedded audio problems, corrects SMPTE352 ANC packets in Quad SDI rasters, Save 
programming of SDI3G module. DVS #2070858, DVS #2070465, ZD #24109, ZD #24029, ZD #23823, ZD #23796, ZD #23786 
- Edittool: Fixed IMF batch finalize audio ignorance of in and out points. ZD #24316 
- Edittool: Added option to define Version labels for InterOp CPLs. ZD #24017, ZD #24389 
- Edittool: Fixed problem with changing color parameters on multi-selected Bin clips. DVS #2071096, ZD #23968 
- Internal: Implemented workaround to allow play and finalize of timelines with audio in non SDI rasters. DVS #2071489 
- Fileformats: QuickTime support to read/write QuickTime files with YUV/AVCI/DNxHD/ProRes/XDCamHD/IMX codecs now still available when 
Quicktime Runtime Environment is not installed. ZD #24270, ZD #24222

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