SAN Remo 2.x

Ivan Lawrence -

SAN Remo 2.5.1 [87 MB]

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Includes: ChangLog + Instillation RequirementsSupplemental Documentation

Changelog SAN Remo 
 ### Added: 
 ### Improvements: 
 - Installer now creates a desktop icon and a menu entry in Applications->System Tools 
 ### Fixes: 
 - StorNext plugin: no license information shown for unlimited licenses 
 - LUN plugin: wrong display of physical disks on SpycerBox Ultra 
 - Network plugin: 'master device' config option is not visible if 'bond' is selected 
 - Network plugin: several config options are not visible if there is no "BOOTPROTO" entry found 
 - Network plugin: no interfaces are displayed if a virtual interface is encountered 
 - Spycer plugin: no factory reset of WebServices.conf possible 
 - NTP plugin: under certain conditions a temporary sync state can lead to a HTTP 500 error for the complete node 


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