SypcerBox Cell update prep info

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When planning to update the SpycerBox Cell, please gather these info as part of the pre-update prep.

This prep gather is for updating the components of Fibre Channel, RAID controller and user interfaces.

On the SpycerBox Cell, open a command line terminal and execute the follow commands as root, the commands gathers information for the following components; ATTO Fibre Channel related, Adaptec RAID controller related, SpycerBox Cell internals related.

rpm -qa | grep -e sanremod -e Arcconf -e StorMan -e sb-b3
modinfo atto_scst_16fc | grep -e "^version"
modinfo celerity16fc | grep -e "^version"
modinfo aacraid | grep -e "^version"
/usr/StorMan/arcconf getversion
atflash -p

Example of a data gather session:

[root@sbc-162150004 ~]# rpm -qa | grep -e sanremod -e Arcconf -e StorMan -e sb-b3
[root@sbc-162150004 ~]# modinfo atto_scst_16fc | grep -e "^version"
version:        1.0.1
[root@sbc-162150004 ~]# modinfo celerity16fc | grep -e "^version"
version:        1.45
[root@sbc-162150004 ~]# modinfo aacraid | grep -e "^version"
[root@sbc-162150004 ~]# /usr/StorMan/arcconf getversion
Controllers found: 1
Controller #1
Firmware                               : 7.9-0 (33023)
Staged Firmware                        : 7.9-0 (33023)
BIOS                                   : 7.9-0 (33023)
Driver                                 : 1.2-1 (50667)
Boot Flash                             : 7.9-0 (33023)
CPLD (Load version/ Flash version)     : 10/ 10
SEEPROM (Load version/ Flash version)  : 1/ 1
FCT Custom Init String Version         : 0x0

Command completed successfully.
[root@sbc-162150004 ~]# atflash -p
Channel 1: Current flash version is January 26, 2016.
Channel 2: Current flash version is January 26, 2016.
[root@sbc-162150004 ~]#
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