Clipster 2038 Certificate Update

Jorge Zepeda -

Generation 6 Clipster systems will have a certificate validity until the year 2050. Unfortunately we have run into a few servers that do not support a certificate validity past 2038. If you are experiencing this issue, please send in a ticket to and request a new certificate for your Clipster Gen 6 valid until the year 2038. 

Below is the procedure to install and check your new certificate once you receive it. 

- Locate the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Rohde-Schwarz\Clipster (just enter the path in the address line of of a windows file explorer)

- Rename the Certificates folder to

- Unpack the zip file attached to this exact position.

- Restart the Clipster application and open the Configuration defaults/DCI dialog and insure that "Use System Signing Key" is checked. 

- Now create a new DCP with KDM for all failing DCI players and check if the devices will accept the KDM now.

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