Finder slow to populate StorNext volumes

Robert Leong -


MacOS Finder takes forever (if ever) to populate a directory.

Even if the directory is in fact pretty small, <100 files and only a few Kbytes in sizes.  Finder AND terminal (ls) behaves the same.  A few files gets listed and then pauses for a long long time and some times never completes the listing.

Additional Symptom

All MacOS computer behaves this way, BUT Windows and Linux responds normally.

On the MDC, cvadmin > "latency-test all" hangs at a particular client computer and eventually reports a failure message.


Locate that computer, it is likely in a hung or very sluggish state.  Turn if off and reboot it.  Within about one minute this should relieve the problem for all other MacOS.  After the reboot this Mac should be okay too.

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