R&S Clipster Version 6 Software: How To Install A Software License Key Using RS Control Panel

Carlos M. Carmona -

R&S Clipster version 6.5 and higher software has new licensing application, RS Control Panel.  This RSA support guide is intended for customers who need assistance installing a software license key on their R&S Clipster Gen6 system.

Install a R&S Clipster v6.5 and higher software license key.

Step 1:  Close Clipster application

Step 2:  Copy the license text file to your desktop

Step 3:  Launch RS Control Panel utility

Step 4:  In 'R&S control panel' window, Select the appropriate 'Board ID Digilab2 (Serial:Number)' card from the drop down list

Click on the 'License' button > Click on the 'Add license' button

Step 5:  In the 'Load license file' window, Search/Select the new license text file > Click on the 'Open' button 

Step 6:  In R&S control panel - 'Licenses' box, Highlight/Select your old license > Click on the 'Delete license' button

Note:  You will be asked if you want to save a copy of the license prior to deletion.  There isn't a need to save an old beta license key if it has expired.  We highly recommend saving a copy of your permanent license key(s) as they do not expire and are required to run release versions of Clipster.   

Step 7:  Click on the 'OK' button at the bottom right of the window to close the RS control panel

 Your new license key is installed!


I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful.  Thanks for stopping by. cmc

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