Adaptec maxView Storage Manager

Robert Leong -

Windows installer for the maxView Storage Manager.  

Clipster Gen 6 does not come with an installer for the Adaptec RAID Controller, download and run the installer to enable GUI management of the Adaptec RAID controller, typically the internal RAID storage for Clipster is drive V:

maxView requires a username and password to login, a blank password is not allowed, it uses the Windows user credentials, thus the Windows user you are using must have a password set, if the user was setup with no password you will not be able to log into maxView.

Download and unzip, go into the unzipped director \msm_windows_x64_v2_05_22932\manager and run the installer: setup_asm_x64.exe, accept all the defaults.

After installation you will find the launch icon on the Desktop.


maxView Storage Manager v2.05.22932 for Windows x64


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