Prismon IP Configuration

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Use existing IP addresses

Connect a VGA monitor and turn on the Prismon, the screen will eventually show what IP addresses are programmed for which Ethernet port.

Adjust the client computer to be within the same subnet to access Prismon.

Use eth login

Connect VGA monitor and keyboard, login as user eth password eth, this will bring up an ethernet configuration script.

Login in as root

1.) Login from a Shell (keyboard , Monitor)

2.) View all IP : ifconfig -a  or ip addr

3.)  To view the Network Config file : cat /etc/network/interfaces

4.) Open /etc/network/interfaces file,

sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces

locate the: "iface eth0..." line and change dynamic to static [if needed].
address line and change the address to the static IP address
netmask line and change the address to the correct subnet mask
gateway line and change the address to the correct gateway address
dns-nameservers line and change (or add) the nameserver information

5.) Restart the interface with the command below. If you are connected using SSH you will lose your connection, re-connect using the new IP address:

sudo ifdown eth0; sudo ifup eth0

5.) Changing the Hostname
To change the hostname to your preferred node name (example: prodnode01), you have to edit the /etc/hostname file:

6.) Adding the FQDN (Hostname)
To ensure your server traffic will be routing correctly add the server's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and IP address to the hosts file. Open the /etc/hosts file and add a line with the static IP address and the FQDN, similar to the example shown below:


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