Start RAID GUI from a VNC session

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This applies to Venice, MDS or any Linux based servers.


Use a  VNC client such as Windows TightVNC to connect to the server, then manually launch the RAID GUI session.

It is normally not permitted to VNC into screen 0 or 5900 which is the same desktop window as what you get from a directly attached monitor when logged in as root.

We must VNC to screen 1 or 5901 instead.  But this screen does not have the Desktop populated with the RAID GUI launcher icon, this would need to be started manually from a terminal session.


Use a VNC viewer like TightVNC, connect to the server with IP.Address:5901 and login.  Default password for Venice is venice.

A desktop should be presented. 

Open up a terminal session (right click anywhere on the Desktop and choose Open in Terminal).

Login as super user, default password for Venice is venice.


Execute the GUI launcher by manually starting it.

For LSI / Avago / MegaRAID Storage Manager

/usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager/


For Adaptec Storage Manager






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