Create a VTOC StorNext label

Robert Leong -

The latest StorNext label type created by default is EFI, older StorNext label type is VTOC.

If is it required to create a VTOC type, you must indicate it in the label text file.

The format is: 
<SNFS_label_name> <operating_system_device_name> [<sectors> [<type>]]

Set type to VTOC, see man cvlabel for more details.

  [root@MDS1 config]# cat 12kx.lun42.archive.meta.txt
  12kx.lun.42 /dev/sdby 754956255 VTOC # host 2 lun 42 sectors 754956255 sector_size
  512 inquiry [DDN SFA12KXN 3101] serial 60001FF09095D0000000001588FD002A



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