Mellanox SSD disk firmware upgrade

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This applies to Mellanox switches with SSD firmware:


Read the Firmware Update PDF section 1.3 to identify the current version.

Read the Upgrading PDF for upgrade instructions.

Session example:

switch-6b40f0 [standalone: master] > enable
switch-6b40f0 [standalone: master] # configure terminal
switch-6b40f0 [standalone: master] (config) # fae show smart
Device Model:     M.2 (S42) 3IE3

* Innodisk iSMART V3.9.41                                                       2018/05/25 *
Model Name: M.2 (S42) 3IE3
FW Version: S16425i
Serial Number: BCA11805250290368
Health: 99.560%
Capacity: 14.914146 GB
P/E Cycle: 20000
Lifespan : 25000 (Years : 68 Months : 6 Days : 0)
iAnalyzer: Disable
Write Protect: Disable
InnoRobust: Enable



From Mellanox:

Dear customer,

We are contacting you since you previously purchased a Mellanox switch product. Recently we became aware of a switch SSD disk problem that can potentially impact the functionality of the switch as listed in the attached document.

Mellanox analyzed the problem with the disk manufacture. We would like to inform you that a root cause is found, and an SSD controller FW upgrade fix is available.

While the probability for failure is low and in order to avoid unnecessary system failure, we ask that you kindly review the step-by-step procedure for updating your product.

Please refer to the attached FAQ document for addressing the most common questions and to the attached document describing the FW upgrade procure for different SSD disk and switch OS flavors.
We kindly ask that you upgrade all your relevant Mellanox switches.

For any question or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Kind Regards,
Mellanox Technical Support.




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