Packing guide for shipping systems to Rohde & Schwarz

Rob Bennett -

When shipping in a complete system to our service center, please ensure the system is packed appropriately. A shipping pallet is strongly recommend, using x3 banding straps, along with the Rohde & Schwarz shipping box that your product originally arrived in. If you do not have the original Rohde & Schwarz boxes, please contact our service department as we can provide this to you. A shipping pallet is strongly recommend 


The customer is responsible for any damage that might occur if the product is insufficiently packed.


Warranty can be voided and / or additional cost may be added to the repair.


If you will be using your own shipping boxes, we recommend to reference the sample picture shown. 



Ship to:

Rohde & Schwarz

2255 N. Ontario Street Suite #150

Burbank CA 91504

818 846-3600 

( Your return authorisation number on box )  


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