SNO / IBM / Spectrum Scale / GPFS Webinar Disk Replacement

Robert Leong -

This applies to SNO2U / SNO5U, not so much for SNO SC as it does not use GNR.


Here is the recording of a recent IBM webinar about disk replacement:
IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) Webinars (AmericasEMEA Session) Disk Replacement.mp4

Also PowerPoint presentation link is below.


  1. Drive replacement overview
  2. Identifying a failing or failed drive
  3. GPFS Spectrum Scale Native Raid (GNR) striping
  4. What is the disk hospital?
  5. Commands used during the removal and replacement process


ESS is the name for IBM’s own storage products.
The actual disk replacement process is the same for SpycerNode, so this might contain some helpful information for you.


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