StorNext 5.x upgrade for SpycerBox or non HA MDS

Robert Leong -

Tested with 5.3.1,,

Review this check list first:

Stop and uninstall current 4.x version

service cvfs fullstop
rpm -qa | grep -i snfs
rpm -e snfs-server
rpm -e snfs-client
rpm -e snfs-common

If rpm -e snfs-common has errors pointing to dependency of snfs-mount-check then use rpm -e snfs-common --nodeps

Then install 5.x using rpm -ivh or -Uvh, Quantum instructions is missing the install of the snfs-server rpm!  This should be installed after install the snfs-common rpm, and it is noted below.


Using these Quantum documents as the guides, they are in the from the Knowledge Base download (only available for internal staff).

  • 6-68044-01_SN_5_SNFX_5_UpgradeGuide_RevE.pdf
    Section: Upgrading HA Systems To StorNext 5 with .RPM Files, page 27.
  • 6-68045-01_SN_5_SNFX_5_Installation_Guide_RevE.pdf
    Section: Installing StorNext File System-Only from RPMs, page 60

The guides are missing some steps, here is the updated and tested outline containing the pertinent steps.

This example tested with a 3u MDS, RHEL 6.2, upgrading from StorNext 4.2.2.

Quoting the guide: You can upgrade directly from StorNext 4.1 if you are using RPM files to upgrade the MDC.

It does not say StorNext 4.1 OR ABOVE, I will assume they meant that.

License and install file

Make sure you have a valid StorNext 5 license.dat before the upgrade, backup the previous license.dat file and put new one in place.

Copy and extract the .zip to folder in /usr/local/src/snfs/5.2.0, this is the default path where all software installs should live.

Change to the directory and expand the appropriate .bin, .rpm and related files are expanded to /tmp/stornext

cd /usr/loocal/src/snfs/5.2.0./
chmod 777 RedHat60AS_26x86_64_5.2.0_51843E.bin
cd /tmp/stornext

Install 5.x

The .cfgx gets updated, the original is backed up in /usr/cvfs/data/……. should you ever need to go back.

cd /tmp/stornext/stornext_full/RedHat60AS_26x86_64/DSM
rpm -Uvh snupdate-<version>.rpm
rpm -ivh quantum_protobuf-<version>.rpm
rpm -ivh quantum_zeromq-<version>.rpm
rpm -ivh quantum_jansson-2.4.0-2.x86_64.rpm
rpm -ivh snfs-common<platform/revision>.rpm
rpm -ivh snfs-server-<platform/revision>.rpm (for client installation, omit this)
rpm -ivh snfs-client-<platform/revision>.rpm
rpm -ivh snfs-compat-<version>.rpm

Verify and start

service cvfs start

The first time start after upgrade will take a little longer than normal at the
Waiting for CVFS mounts to complete.









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