Clipster software Installation and licensing Instructions

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Installation Instructions:

Exit the Clipster application, and make sure all other DVS applications (DVSConf, DVSInfo) are also closed.

Download the zip and extract the folder to c:install / software / clipster directory (it could be anywhere, but this is where we normally keep all the codes).

Run the SetupClipster.....exe, this will uninstall the previous version and install the new version.


You might also need to update the firmware. Two separate firmware updates are required.

Switch to the Firmware folder for your system type.

You can double click on each executable file, which will ask you to confirm update by pressing "y" and hitting "enter". If you've selected the wrong system type, you will get an error. 

Upon confirming firmware update, it will take 2-3 minutes to flash the firmware.

After the firmware upgrade, make sure to shutdown (power off) and restart for new firmware to take effect.


Install instructions 6.7.x :

Clipster SW - Install instructions

Licensing Instructions Clipster 6.5 and Higher :  

Licensing Using RS Control Panel


Licensing Instructions:

Permanent license applies to released application software only, if you are running beta/pre-released then please reply indicating so and we will provide alternate arrangements.

How to set the license: 

Close the Clipster application, use DVSConf to update the license (All Programs > DVS > Maintenance > DVSConf), select the Card 0 tab, then Setup > Set License.  Paste the key into the Key 1 box, click Set key 1...

To verify the license is set correctly, click Setup > Info License, the bottom pane should show a list of enabled features, if the list is empty with just "License Info' then please reapply the procedure again.

If the license is set correctly, then exit DVSConf and start the application.



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